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By: Myrtle Corner Web Management  11/02/2013
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Spending money on pay per click advertising (PPC) can bring in fantastic results almost immediately. And if you don’t know what you are you doing, you can very quickly end up spending far too much on pay per click advertising! When you search Google, there are ads that appear at the top, the bottom and the right hand side of your results. Appearing there costs you nothing. Not one penny. But the moment someone clicks that ad, and visits your site, you pay. How much you pay depends on what keywords you are bidding on. Some uncompetitive terms may only cost you 5p or 10p per click. At the other end, terms for insurance and lawyers and the like can often be in excess of £10 per click. Remember, you are paying every time someone clicks the ad and lands on your site. There’s no guarantee they’ll do anything when they’re there. But you still pay. Whether they place that month’s biggest order, or click away straight away, you pay the same amount. And because you’re paying you want to make sure those visitors are giving you something of value. An order, and email address, a Facebook “like”. A successful PPC campaign cannot work in isolation, It needs to be tied in closely with your on-site SEO, with your email campaigns and your social media strategy. You will get the best returns from sending visitors deep within your site, to a page that is specific to what they are searching for. And Google will reward for doing this by charging you less in the keyword bidding process. We have years of experience of writing engaging yet relevant ads, that will bring visitors to your site. But not just visitors. Crucially, visitors who will bring value to your business.

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