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Teeth Whitening from LW Teeth Whitening

By: LW Teeth Whitening  07/10/2013
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THE TREATMENT All LW Teeth Whitening Cosmetologists are highly trained, experienced and carry full insurance. 1 short visit is all it takes or why not take advantage of our mobile service where you can have the treatment in the comfort of your own home. The process is simple, quick, effective and pain free. 1. A solution is applied to your teeth. 2. It is then activated using our revolutionary command light system. 3. After several minutes the light switches off. 4. The whitening solution is then removed. This whole process is repeated several times until the desired whiteness is achieved. Full after care instructions are given at the end of the treatment. * NON PEROXIDE * SAFE * AFFORDABLE * TOTALLY PAINLESS – NO DRILLS OR INJECTIONS * GIVES YOUR TEETH A NATURAL WHITE LOOK * LASTS UP 18 – 24 MONTHS * WILL NOT DAMAGE THE ENAMEL ON YOUR TEETH * TOP UPS AVAILABLE IF NEEDED

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