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Dental Website Design from Dentistry Design

By: Dentistry Design  16/12/2010
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We make sure all our dental websites tick all the right boxes so you have a great looking functional website.

  • Easy to navigate

If you user cant find what there looking for within a few clicks, the chances are they will leave the website and use another one, website navigation is of the up most importance to us. We always display our navigation bars in clear easy to spot locations. Keywords are also linked to relevant pages to help the user navigate through the website

  • Our Dental Websites are not over complicated

At Denistry Design we like to keep things simple, this helps the user focus on the required information rather than the additional information you may use to fill the website, we do this with positioning modules correctly and also using badges and colours to get the desired effect.

  • All of our websites are compatible with the latest market leading technologies

Whats the point of having a beautifully design website if only a small percentage of users can see it? We try to make all of our websites fully available in the top 5 browsers, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Our websites also confide to and web consortium standards.

  • Our Dental Websites have a fresh look and feel

First impressions count. You want people to remember your website and logo everytime they think of the desntist or dental treatment, we create fresh slick websites that look professional and create a lasting image in the mind of the user. A logo is perfect for this so we decided to include a free design in all of our packages for those of you who need a helping hand getting remembered.

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