NEW RANGE OF FOOD from Tyne Valley Aquatics

By: Tyne Valley Aquatics  07/01/2009
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We now stock frozen baby brineshrimp - ideal for breeders who want to boost growth of young fish. Also new is frozen brineshrimp with Omega 3 and frozen brineshrimp with garlic to give your fish a boost and help fight off disease and parasites.
This new food is available alongside our existing range of frozen food that includes bloodworm, tubifex, vegetable diet, cyclops, tropical feast, tropical quartet, brineshrimp, lance fish, discus food and malawi mix.
Also new is bloodworm flake and brineshrimp flake to give the benefits of these natural foods in a flake form for ease of storage.
We are in the process of setting up a daphnia farm to offer our customers premium quality live food in 2009, as the live food available from other sources varies greatly in quality and availability.

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