FISH RE-HOMING POND from Tyne Valley Aquatics

By: Tyne Valley Aquatics  22/03/2009
Keywords: ponds, Koi, fish tanks

If you have pond fish that have outgrown their pond, begun to dig up your lilies, or you are moving house and are worried about the next ownwers filling in the pond, here is the answer. The spring fed, natural pond is 30m x 26m x 5m deep with natural planting and an abundance of natural food. In addition to this, an automatic fish feeder delivers supplementary food up to six times a day. The pond is fenced off to prevent Heron attack and an electric fence also runs through it to deter Otters.
In summary, any fish is welcome apart from predatory species i.e. Pike and Perch.

Keywords: fish tanks, Koi, pond fish, pond plants, ponds