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Stories that Coach from ManageTrainLearn

By: ManageTrainLearn  17/10/2010
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If you’re looking for an ageless learning tool that’s also bang up to date, you can’t do better than a well-chosen, well-crafted, and well-told anecdote.

And in the three volumes of Stories that Coach, that's exactly what you'll get. In fact, 300 of them. Some that are classic and some that are certain to become classics.

These stories work on many levels. You can read them because they’re so well-told. Or you can smile at the truths hidden in them. Or you can take away the learning points to help you in your own growth and development.

And, if you’re a manager, coach, or trainer – with responsibility for others’ learning – then they’re also ideal material for the training room.

This collection is like a modern Aesop's Fables, revealing the truths about our world of work. However you plan to use them, enjoy the wisdom, humanity and learning in these great stories.

The "Stories that Coach" books are delivered as pdf files which can be opened and read with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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