Eco Friendly Jute Bags

Eco Friendly Jute Bags from Yummy Spirit

By: Yummy Spirit  03/01/2011
Keywords: Eco friendly, fashion bags, jute bags

In the time it takes you to read this 3 million plastic bags will have been produced on this planet. That equates to 500 billion plastic bags a year consuming 60 million barrels of oil to manufacture them.
In the UK alone we use 150 million plastic bags per week, the majority of which end up on landfill sites or being burnt, which releases a plethora of toxic chemicals into the air. Only 1 in every 200 bags is recycled and this requires energy and resources to collect and process the bags.
The alternative is as simple as it is environmentally sound – Use an Eco bag.. Made of jute these bags are strong, spacious and long lasting.

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