Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training from Pro-Vale Limited

By: Pro-Vale Limited  09/12/2014
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This is an ideal training schedule for all ages and stages of dogs. It is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, as well as your dogs’ learning capabilities. *Based at our venue *Minimum of 4 weeks period *Tailored to suit your dogs capabilities and your requirements *Boarding and training combined *Initial consult required to assess objectives *Regular updates via email, photos, videos *Detailed handover at your premises (when possible) Based at our venue, we offer between four weeks to six months of non-stop training and boarding for your dog. Depending on the age of your dog and what you are looking to achieve. We initially carry out a face-to-face consultation (when possible) to assess the issues you are facing. This allows us to see with our own eyes, exactly what your dog does or does not do. We then draft up a training schedule that is best suited to your budget or time constraint. We understand how difficult it can be to have your pet away from home for long periods at a time. We try to ease the separation for you as much as possible by updating you weekly with photos and videos of your dogs’ progress. We have never had an unhappy residential client in the past. All of the dogs get given lots of attention and absolutely love the work ethic we provide here. Dogs by nature are eager to get involved and learn especially when there is something in it for them. Our residential courses can only be deemed successful and worthwhile when we understand fully the real expectations that dog owners have. It is our duty to ensure that we share the same expectations from your dog, and agree on the time span in which these skills will be taught and learned. Regular evaluations ensure that you are kept up to speed on the progress of training. We offer email, telephone, photo and video updates of the dogs whilst they stay with us. Not all aspects of ‘doggy boot camp’ have to be strict; we understand how hard it is for families to be apart from their dogs and we appreciate the trust put in us to deliver the required training. In order for us to achieve quality training that will remain as a learned behaviour we stipulate that four weeks is the absolute minimum length of course we can carry out. If you are looking for top-up training or training and boarding combined whilst you are on holiday we can also offer a price for this. Please get in touch and we can see what we can offer you.

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