By: Vehicle Hydrogen Fuel Cells.UK  08/09/2010
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There are many adverts for fuel cells for the DIY fitter. These in the main do not give you the reduction in emissions nor the increase in MPG, also by fitting one of these you could invalidate your insurance and any warranty that is on the vehicle.

VHFC.UK ONLY FIT HO2 fuel cells. We do not sell kits. Insurance companies and warranty companies accept the instalation because it is carried out by a trained installer.

VHFC.UK only fit the best fuel cell which has been developed and patented by experts. Each piece is engineered including the fuel case which is madde out of bullet proof plexi glass.

No loss of space as with LPG. No looking for a fuel station to fill up like LPG. Top up with WATER and save money whilst helping the planet to survive.

HYDROTECHNIX who have developed these cells are the only company to give a two year warranty on there parts and VHFC.UK are so convinced with the results that we will give you a 30 day guarantee that if not satisfied we will remove the cell and give you a full refund. No other company gives you these benefits and more.


Go to our web site and see the full range of benefits and recieve a free independant report on fuel cells. 


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