NUTRITION FOR HEALTH 'Let food be your medicine' offers diets to help IBS, diabetes Peterborough

Keywords: weight loss, stress, diet

 NUTRITION FOR HEALTH offers individualised diets to help specific medical conditions, such as IBS, diabetes.  Learning to eat the right foods for your particular condition - these can range from IBS, diabetes, menopause, stress, migraine - can make a huge difference to symptoms.  NUTRITION FOR HEALTH, located near Peterborough is run by a professional nutritionist genuinely interested in improving your health for the long-term.  'Let food be your medicine' is a different spin on eating just for fuel - clients improve their nutrition for health and enjoy the journey!  Nutritionist Lindsay leads NUTRITION FOR HEALTH and regularly addresses all sorts of conditions through diet: migraine, stress, women's health from fertility to menopause, IBS and digestive disorders, weight loss, diabetes, skin conditions, chronic fatigue: these are just a few from a long list.  Peterborough is at the heart of the area served by NUTRITION FOR HEALTH, and covers Stamford, Kettering, Bourne, Spalding and surrounding villages.  For conditions other than IBS, diabetes, call your local Peterborough nutritionist for a free initial chat.

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