Video Marketing

Keywords: Promotional Video, Online Video, video marketing

Video marketing is really “Social Video Marketing” and this term is just about entering the mainstream of the accepted marketer’s lexicon. If we start by sharing our experiences and understanding of online video and social media in business we can then make the connection to provide a generally accepted definition. We also need to be critically aware that “social video” and “social video marketing” are not set ideas but very dynamic, as technology advances and the online business marketing paradigm matures.

Keywords: Online Video, Promotional Video, video marketing



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Website Development

Our business development philosophy drives us to develop a full 360 degree site.


Article Writing

Professionally written articles, unique and written based on purpose (e.g SEO, Keyword-based).


Search Engine Optimization

Build a really great site. A site that provides something that people really need and are searching for. If you do that and share your site with other like-minded internet citizens and you’ll soon see the traffic to your website increase. TMG is here to help you achieve your goals if you need us.


Social Media Services

Appointing a Social Media Agency to manage the process and take away the huge task of mastering the medium and posting creatively is a great investment and a colossal time-saver.


Email Marketing

The TMG concept is to bring together a variety of different platforms and media in order to meet the prospective client in a more personal way and build the ever more critical relationships we need to do business. Principally, but not exclusively, the opportunities are online. The digital age is upon us and we can’t ignore the power of Social Media, Smartphones, iPads, blogs, and correctly optimised websites.