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By: TableControl  17/01/2011
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Table Management
With the addition of a restaurant table management system the status of each table in the restaurant can be seen and wait times managed accurately, when a customer walks in and requests a table the hostess can see which tables are open, if no table is available the customer can be added to the wait list and the hostess can quote the waiting time which is shown on the table management system, providing accurate waiting times is a major advantage for the restaurant and customer and will enhance the perception of quality and service provided to diners, in the hospitality industry first impressions count.

A table management and reservation system eliminates paper diaries, long-established paper diary bookings rely on staff writing in the notes clearly which is not always the case. Difficulty in reading handwriting, errors with times and dates and staff even forgetting to enter a booking can easily happen with a computerised restaurant reservation system this will never happen.

Table management software can also be integrated directly to a guest paging system, once a customer is put on the wait list and a guest pager issued the customer is free to use the restaurants bar or relax in a patio area, once the table becomes available a simple click of the mouse on the customers name alerts the customers pager and they can return to the restaurant to be seated.

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