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UK’s best shopper for Arthritis and walking problems! Recommended by Doctors, Physios for its stable yet light design. Complete with Chocolate Brown bag over inner frame. Ideal for buses with swivel front wheels and optional brake. It is not often you find a unique shopping trolley that so dramatically affects the way you do your shopping. For thousands however, this is what Sholley has done. In the words of another satisfied customer ”it has turned a wearisome chore into a joy” Compact size makes it so light and easy to use on buses and in small places. Will fit most cars yet very safe and stable to walk with. Internal front zipped pocket, 3 internal rear pouch pocket and internal name & address tag 2 multi-purpose side pouches for walking stick, umbrella, wine, flowers etc No rear axle and new park brake. Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels Totally adjustable telescopic handles: easily adjusts both angle and height for all walking positions All Sholeco Sholley trolleys have front swivel wheels: new latest swivel wheels are better, easier and safer to walk with than ever, You can glide along in any direction, Robust, ultra-light and smooth running, each swivel wheel can be locked in 'straight ahead' or 'swivel' position, Both positions are very stable to walk with yet easy to steer All sholleys fold flat instantly even with bag in: No bending. No catches. Simply pull the front top bar towards the handle.and that’s it Only 41-45" high when folded. New and innovative design features for 2011 / 2012 NEW park brake: Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels NEW smoother running wheels: New larger better quality wheels provide extra shock absorption. Yet so light and easy to steer. You can glide safely along in any direction NEW exclusive anti – tip design: So stable, safe and strong to lean on and walk with – thanks to Sholley unique anti – tip design NEW extra thick,soft, warm easy – grip handle: Now makes Sholley even easier to grip and manoeuvre. Made from micro cellular foam that is soft, warm and comfortable to touch Improved swivel wheels: The Sholley’s swivel wheels allow you maximum support as you don’t have to tip the Sholley back to turn around tight corners. This makes it so easy to steer yet safe to walk with. However to start with you can simply lock the swivel wheels in the ‘straight – ahead’ position whilst you gain your confidence

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