Tree Surgeons carrying out profesional treework to BS3998.

Tree Surgeons carrying out profesional treework to BS3998. from Midland Tree Specialists

By: Midland Tree Specialists  07/02/2009
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Below are the types of work we carry out, a brief description and the services we can offer.

Be very wary of any tree contractor or consultant using words such as “lop“, “top” or “crowning” to name but three. Chances are you have had a card through your door, they are in your area tomorrow and can probably do your driveway cheap as well. For the sake of your trees use a reputable firm, using cowboys will only cost you more money in the long run.

Crown Reduction / Crown Re-profile:

Conserving a tree that may be outgrowing a confined space. Carefully reducing its size helps to reduce the sail area of the crown decreasing the risk of limb failure in strong winds.

Crown Clean / Remedial Prune:

Removing dead, diseased or dying wood, damaged branches, crowded, crossing or rubbing branches.

Crown Thin:

Removing smaller secondary branches throughout the crown to create a balanced framework. This will improve light penetration, in turn helping to reduce the sail area of the crown decreasing the risk of limb failure in strong winds.

Crown Lift:

Removing lower limbs to allow clearance, for example trees over roads or footpaths.


Removing main limbs to suitable growth points. New growth is produced from these points and is usually then cut back to these points in the future. Pollarding is not always a suitable option, species such as Beech do not respond very well, but Willow, Lime and Poplar do.

Dismantling / Felling:

Safely felling or removing in sections (dismantling) a tree that has become hazardous to the public, property, or an obstruction.

Stump grinding / Removal:

Grinding the stump using specialised machinery removing stump and roots allowing use of the ground again.

Hedge Trimming / Reducing:

Reducing hedges in height such as Conifers and trimming the top and sides to produce a nice neat box shape.

Free Tree advisory service for all our customers:

We can apply our knowledge and experience in an advisory capacity, providing hazard assessments, local authority Tree Preservation Orders (T.P.O), Conservation Area Consents, Planning Conditions, Arborists reports, neighbouring tree issues, and tree planting programmes.

Mobile log splitting service:

Ok, so we have felled your tree, cut the timber into manageable sections, left it stacked neatly on site for you, when the time comes you will split it as you have a log burner and want to utilise the wood, no problems!

After splitting a few pieces of wood by hand you are starting to think this isn’t such a great idea. Fear not, help is at hand! We can now offer a mobile log splitting service on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. We will bring our road towable 22 Ton Hydraulic petrol powered log splitter right to your wood. We don’t even have to split all of it, just the horrible knotty stuff if you like. Just contact us for a quote.

Firewood and Woodchip Mulch.

We can also supply and deliver barn dried cut/split seasoned logs for your fire and woodchip mulch for your garden.

We have two grades of logs these are;

Grade A. £65 per cubic metre (free local delivery)

Hardwoods, consisting of Ash, Beech, Oak, Hawthorn, Holly, Yew, Elm etc.

Grade B. £45 per cubic metre (free local delivery)

Everything else, Horse Chestnut, Willow, Poplar, Conifer, Lime etc.

Woodchip mulch is supplied at £50 per cubic metre (free local delivery)

Keywords: forestry, Forestry Services, tree specialists, tree work