Tiny tribo-plastic components

Tiny tribo-plastic components from Igus (uk)

By: Igus (uk)  26/02/2009
Keywords: Micro bearings

New: Lubricantion-free "iglidur®" high-temperature micro-bearings   i

gus®, experts in durable machine components and systems made of tribo-plastic (tribologically optimised special plastic), have further stretched the bounds of possibility further than ever.  Tribology is the science of the interaction of friction, lubrication and wear, and forms the basis of igus® products.  It has been estimated that direct and consequential annual loss to industry due to wear is 1-2% of GDP, which for the UK would be up to an incredible £28 billion.  The application of tribological knowledge results in considerable savings in energy, material use, production, maintenance and labour.  

0.7 mm, maintenance-free at 250 °C permanent temperature
At this year's Hanover show, igus® launched the largest plastic energy chain in the world with an inner height of 300 mm. This enormous "E4.350" is resistant to mineral oil and seawater, and was developed for use on oil platforms among other applications. At the other end of the scale the trend towards micro-system technology is increasing at a fast rate. igus® presented the new "iglidur®" high-temperature micro-bearings made of wear-resistant tribo-plastic, addressing the fact that manufacturing equipment and products are becoming smaller and more highly integrated all the time. The new tiny bearings have an inner diameter as small as 0.7 mm for lubrication-free bearing tasks at high-temperatures. The bearings are made of the special polymer "iglidur® X", for example. This material is suitable for application temperatures of up to 250 °C in permanent use (even up to 315 °C for short periods), resistant to chemicals, UV and radiation up to 1x105 Gy, can take extremely high pressures and has low humidity absorption.  

Micro-motors, tiny fans, flexible endoscopy
For some years now, igus® has been producing tiny components in the millimetre range which are extremely precise, lightweight and maintenance-free. Material selection, design and production depend on the respective project and now customised new materials are also available. Applications are found in micro-motors, for IT applications, in medical technology, such as in pumps or flexible endoscopy instruments, in metrology, vibrating units, vehicle interiors, tiny fans and blowers.

Keywords: Micro bearings