Adjustable linear bearings

Adjustable linear bearings from Igus (uk)

By: Igus (uk)  26/02/2009
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New: "DryLin® W" guides now with adjustable bearing clearance  

Adjustable clearance, lubrication-free and resistance to contamination are today’s current trends in linear technology. Keeping in line with these, the plain bearing expert igus® have developed a new "DryLin® W" linear guide with a "turn-to-fit" function for manual setting of the clearance. The name speaks for itself. The new linear unit was first shown at "Motek 2008" and is currently being launched in the UK.  

Customers can decide for themselves when using an Allen key whether the standard clearance is required or if the unit is to be pre-tensioned to be free from clearance. The tolerance of the maintenance-free "DryLin® W" system can be adjusted over the whole bearing surface by turning a knurled adjustment screw integrated into the side. Adjustment is in small notched steps that can be both heard and felt. Then the bearing fits the shaft correctly and can be moved linearly. If wear occurs, the system can simply be readjusted. Lee Wilkins, igus® DryLin® Product Manager, comments: "the aim of the development work was to give the design engineers’ more freedom and to improve precision even further."  

Optimised tribology
The system is made up of a housing consisting of several parts and a gliding film made of technical tribo-plastic. As well as the basic structure and continually tested materials, further features include "a small design height, very low friction and excellent wear resistance," explains Lee Wilkins. No maintenance, low weight and high resistance to dirt and humidity are further advantages. The clearance adjustment can also be transferred to the ready-to-fit leadscrew linear units and belt drives.  

Even more flexible with "turn-to-fit"
The history of the development of the new "turn-to-fit" principle is as simple as it is logical according to the manufacturer igus®. A few years ago, a new generation of guides were developed, the "DryLin® W" system.  That particular design allowed flexible and modular construction and thus easy assembly. Now, a further beneficial factor has been added to this extremely versatile system (used for single or double rails made of hard-anodised aluminium, individual bearings or complete slides) clearance-free made-to-measure adjustment. This version is available in design size 10. The other design sizes (06, 16 and 20) are to follow.

Keywords: linear bearings