DIVE Northampton has an in-house team of Service Technicians for your Regulator, BCD and Computer

DIVE Northampton has an in-house team of Service Technicians for your Regulator, BCD and Computer from Dive Northampton

By: Dive Northampton  05/01/2011
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Equipment Servicing

Regular servicing of all of your diving equipment is essential. Some servicing is a legal requirement and your cylinders will not be filled unless they are within their test period. Regulators supply you with your breathing gas underwater and need to be serviced in line with the Manufacturter's recommendations and good old common sense. Dry suits seals have a habit of tearing just before a dive. DIVE Northampton has it's own in-house team of Service Technicians for your Regulator, BCD, Dive Computer and Dive Watch servicing. Dry Suit repairs and Cylinder tests go to our local Service Centre and are usually back to us in a week.

DIVE Northampton is a member of SITA and our cylinder testing is undertaken by our associated IDEST centre. Our in-house technicians hold Manufacturers service certifications for all of the equipment we service. We will usually quote a one week turaround for most servicing work but please let us know if you need it back sooner and we'll do what we can to help. As always, if your equipment is in for service, we will happily let you use one of our own sets until yours is ready - at no charge of course!

Regulator Servicing
We are able to service the overwhelming majority of regulators on-site. If for any reason we are unable to service your regulator, our off-site technicians will normally be able to help. There are however a small number of obsure manufacturers that we are unable to service and we will advise you on these when checking the regulator in. As a general rule, a first and second stage service with an alternate second stage octopus will cost approximately £60. This includes the costs of the standard manufacturer's service kits. Some makes and models will cost slightly more and we will happily quote you for the anticipated cost when you come in. Equally, there will be a charge for any parts needed during a service that isn't included in the manufacturer's kits.

Cylinder Testing and Servicing
Our IDEST certified off-site service technicians can undertake all forms of cylinder testing. This includes Visual Tests and Hydrostatic Tests, Oxygen Cleaning, Shot Blasts and Repainting. The prices shown include the standard parts needed to complete the test, there will be a charge for any additional parts needed. We can test most cylinders including standard steel and aluminium diving cylinders (not USA DOT specification), composite cylinders and the Webley & Scott air gun cylinders. For example, prices are from:
Visual Test - £22
Hydrostatic Test - £25
Valve Service - £8
Oxygen Clean - £25
Shot Blast - £14

We are able to service most BCDs and Wings on site. If for any reason we are unable to service your BCD, our off-site technicians will normally be able to help.

Dry Suits and Wetsuits
Our off-site technicians can undertake just about any type of suit repair on both Dry Suits and Wetsuits. Typically, this work will again be completed in a week, leaving us on a Wednesday and returning the following Wednesday. Example of some prices are from:
Pressure Test - £20
Latex Wrist Seals - £32
Neoprene Wrist Seals - £37
Latex Neck Seal - £39
Neoprene Neck Seal - £41
Boot Change - £87
Zip Fitting - £120

Dive Computers & Watches
We can fit replacement batteries and pressure test most makes and models of Dive Computer and Watch. Some, like early Uwatec (Scubapro) Computers, have to be sent to Uwatec UK for a battery change. Equally, some are no longer able to have a replacement battery fitted. Where the manufacturer has to fit the replacement battery, we will arrange this for you. On those occassins where this is no lomger possible, we will endeavour to arrange an upgrade package for you. Examples of some prices are from:
Puck Style Computer - £15
Watch Style Computer - £35
Watch - £15

Our Guarantee
All of our service work is fully guaranteed. If you have any issues following a service, get straight back to us and we'll do all we can to resolve matters.

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