Website SEO ... A take on the complicated world of Website Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO ... A take on the complicated world of Website Search Engine Optimisation from Bos Marketing Solutions UK

By: Bos Marketing Solutions UK  08/09/2010
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There's a lot been written about search engine optimisation and even more advertised by organisations marketing suggestions that they can provide a one stop solution for the SEO work required to elevate your website to the lofty heights of decent page ranking.

The simple fact is that there is no simple or one stop solution for the SEO for your business or organisations website.

The search engine providers are continually changing their systems to ensure that the search engine enquiry results are relevant to the key phrases being used by the web surfer at any given time.  This ensures that their criteria and parameters for search results being offered to the web searcher are not being continually manipulated by auto submission key word and key phrase software systems that we have all seen plastered all over the internet.  You know $99 for a guarantee of page 1 ranking.

OK if you believe in marketing of that nature... you pays your money and take your chance!

You can break SEO down to this!  There's a right way and wrong way to do anything.  They say in life "You only get out of life what you put in" and that is certainly true and is very relevant to SEO work.

If your website SEO includes a mixture of regular manual, quality, related link back submissions, regular quality related press release articles, blog and social networks management etc. all pointing back to relevant information based pages from your website then this greatly improves your page ranking locations.

SEO is very simple... whilst being very complicated.  The only thing that complicates a highly successful SEO programme is EFFORT, DEDICATION and TIME

The EFFORT FACTOR is that there is no simple, easy, one stop solution to getting the link backs built with your partner networks of quality content provider websites. 

The DEDICATION FACTOR is that you have to have in place a regime of regular sourcing for potential partner websites prospects to link back with, whilst monitoring your website analytics system to gauge the most productive built links.  The more productive the link back, the more effort should be made in supporting the content provided to that link partner.   

The TIME FACTOR is having the time be progressive at building link backs and in writing quality content for the link partner.  Regular related press release articles, blogs and social networking etc all of which can help when a prospect web browser enters their unique key phrase relating to your product or service.  With carefully considered key word and key phrase research of your industry specific and industry generic key words and phrases, you can try to anticipate the web user’s key words and phrases used whilst searching for your product or service type.

SEO really isn't rocket science!

I think that SEO is something like a funnel
.  A funnel is very wide at one end and very narrow at the other.  It gathers all... at the wide end, it filters and concentrates all the gathered matter from the wide collective end and funnels it into a smaller, more concentrated matter at the thin end.  Using this analogy is also simple. A funnel collects and concentrates and this is exactly what should be done in relation to your business activity for your website.  With a successful SEO regime in place, your website will be out there, every where that your prospect is likely to visit online, get your quality content… in essence a solution to their problem… right under their nose or better still right at their finger tips.   Make your information about a service or a product that they need so that they want to investigate further by capturing their interest in what you have to offer… with a visit to your online 24/7 website, where they can find a solution to their satisfaction.

SEO… made simple and relative to your clients and affordable for you… better checkout BOS Marketing Solutions.


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