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BT I-Plate - Interstitial Plate from AVORO UK

By: AVORO UK  03/11/2009
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BT has developed the I-Plate, a unique filter that isolates the bell wire, minimising any interference. The filter can be quickly and easily installed by the consumer without disconnecting any wires. This eliminates the time, trouble and cost of needing a visit from an engineer. A benchmark study on 36,000 lines showed that I-Plates can:

• Boost line speeds – typically by 1.5Mbps. The actual change will vary from line to line (some have even recorded increases of up to 4Mbps!) Although speed improvements are likely, they can’t be guaranteed. It’s worth noting that I-Plate also helps to stabilise the broadband connections.
• Extend the reach by up to 10Db (which should help poorly performing long lines)
• Reduce lost connections by 20% and error rates by 45%
• A more stable and reliable service, with fewer connection problems
• A faster and smoother broadband service, due to less interference, leading to improved line speeds.
• Better quality high bandwidth services, such as TV and video – as streaming is more stable and downloads faster

Basic Requirements:

• A BT NTE5 master telephone socket (this has the BT logo and a horizontal split in the faceplate)
• Telephone extension wiring
• Significant interference on the line, causing disruption to broadband services.

These three factors are, however, likely to be present in seven out of every ten homes. Please note that I-Plate is suitable for both ADSL1 and ADSL2 lines.

Installation of the I-Plate takes just a few minutes. It’s simply a matter of unscrewing the faceplate of the master socket, clipping the I-Plate into place, and re-fitting the faceplate.

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