Sub Mounted Traffic Control Flow Plate {Springless} works with magnets

Sub Mounted Traffic Control Flow Plate {Springless} works with magnets from A1way Traffic Control Flow Plates

By: A1way Traffic Control Flow Plates  07/07/2009
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   Fitting our springless Sub or flush Mounted Traffic Control Flow Plate system Magnet Powered with spikes is the ideal solution to control the direction of traffic Ideal for hospitals or anywhere you might need to use a product that only protrudes 50mm above ground and hardly makes any noise at all unlike some other sub mounted versions that make quite a lot of noise and protrude 100mm above the road surface and once fitted are not that easy to maintain.This product has been fitted to quite a few golf courses where cars with low ground clearance are more prolificThe A1490 Sub Mounted Flow Plate flow plate with its magnet powered spike has an internal  drainage space under the cartridge so as long as you fit them across the road in a straight line you don’t have to worry about a space under  each flow plate for drainage, you only need dig out one side of  the road for a drainage pit,The advantage of our A1490 Sub or flush Mounted Flow Plate with spikes don't forget its the only one on the market thats Magnet powered,  being able to clean them out with a jet wash if and when they get blocked up something you cannot do with ease with the old type of sub mounted plate.All too often you see them stuck in the down position and not doing what they were intended to do.
Fit a Springless Sub or/flush mounted traffic control flow plate with spikes  that work with everlasting

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