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By: Richard Pascall, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist  08/09/2010
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Many people turn to counselling at a turning point in their lives; when nothing makes sense; when their focus is turned in so much on their problem that nothing else seems important; and when they recognise that they need help. 

Some people are directed to therapy by an external source, such as family, the courts, employers or friends. In these cases, the person involved may not realise that they have a problem, or they have learnt to cover it up (or at least think they have), or maybe like the problem and the attention it brings.

The specific situation can vary so much – one man’s worry is another man’s joy. Examples of these conditions might be addiction such as drink, drugs, sex; anxiety, stress and depression which are also very prevalent in today’s society; emotional issues such as divorce, loss, and change in circumstance can bring about many problems. There may be problems that hold a person back, from being the person they can or perhaps want to be. Relationships, sex, abuse, and violence can and do play a part in someone’s reason for seeking therapy.

Counselling is talking therapy - therapy for the mind. Counselling allows people to learn to deal with their feelings, thoughts and anxieties.

Anxiety, Addiction, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Depression, Stress, Personal Growth, Unwanted behaviours, Self-Defeating Behaviours, Eating Disorders, Relationship problems, Weight Loss

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