Land Rover Facelift!

Land Rover Facelift! from mybeautifulcar detailing

By: mybeautifulcar detailing  27/06/2011
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How it works:

Typically a client called us recently. His 4 year old Land Rover was beginning to look kind of tired and weather beaten. Even though he regularly washed the car, the paintwork still seemed dull and he also noticed that a number of scratches had appeared around the vehicle.

mybeautifulcar arranged a free consultation during which, we surveyed the car and then talked the client through the whole exterior condition of the car.

We explained that all cars will suffer from light scratching to the paintwork, commonly known as 'swirl' or 'cobwebbing'. This is a result of poor washing technique or using cheaper car washes. The build up of 'swirl' over a period of time creates a dull appearance in the paintwork.

The more serious scratches to the sides of the Land Rover were probably caused by hedges rubbing the side panels. The worst scratches on the bonnet looked like over aggressive cleaning, probably removing 'bird poo' with a scourer or something similar. The lack of general surface protection and UV exposure meant the trim looked aged and dull. The lights, glass and wheels were considered to be in good condition for the age of the vehicle.

We then explained the detailing process and options as carried out by mybeautifulcar. This would rejuvenate the paintwork, remove the heavier scratches and restore the trims. It would also provide a protective layer of sealant to the whole vehicle that would last for 6/9 months depending on usage, weather, cleaning etc. The job was booked for 2 days later and the whole detail took 7 hours to complete.


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Keywords: car care, car detailing, Mobile Car Detail, Mobile Car Polish,

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