Hoof mats

Hoof mats from Intershape Ltd

By: Intershape Ltd  18/11/2009
Keywords: Disinfectant Mats, Hygiene Mats, disinfection mats

Disinfectant mats give you an easy, efficient way to disinfect vehicles or boots or administer foot care products to cattle or sheep.

The mats are made up of two parts:

  • A 4cm thick, high density foam pad in a tough non-slip cover, designed to withstand heavy loads.  Our mats were used by the major dairy companies to disinfect milk tankers throughout the 2001 foot and mouth crisis.

  • A unique waterproof sleeve to hold in the liquid.  The sleeve is removable to allow thorough cleaning, which is not possible when the sleeve is sewn onto the pad.

Our disinfection mats:

  • Use 75% less solution than a conventional bath with no splashing and complete coverage

  • Are suitable for all disinfectant, foot care products and antibiotics

  • Are completely mobile - they can be used on yards, slats and fields

  • Come in three different sizes, or as a pack of 4 for vehicle disinfection

Keywords: Disinfectant Mats, disinfection mats, hoof mats, Hygiene Mats,