Executive, Director, Partner, Leadership coaching.

Executive, Director, Partner, Leadership coaching. from OvationXL

By: OvationXL  17/01/2011
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“I have worked with Robin for 4 years in the context of my recruitment company, Allander Noble. Robin has provided an outstanding coaching service to my clients including senior managers and directors of companies. The positive changes achieved are long-lasting.” April 30, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity,
hired Robin as a Executive Coach in 2006

“Robin is an excellent communicator. Having identified key objectives at the outset, he ensures that they are achieved by the end of the programme.” April 29, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

hired Robin as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Robin is an excellent coach and his training sessions are informative, creative and highly motivational, as well as being really enjoyable.” April 21, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

hired Robin as a Career Coach in 2010

“Robin is a personable mentor to members of senior management. He makes a difference to the lives of those he mentors.” April 20, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

hired Robin as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Working with Robin was one of the best experiences in my professional career. His insightful and visionary approach is perfect, ensuring you both believe in your ability and realise your true potential.” April 19, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

hired Robin as a Career Coach in 2009

“I found the sessions with Robin to be both challenging and rewarding. The key benefit for me was the ability to take time out and analyse both the way I tackle situations and how I prepare for meetings and challenging environments. The wealth of material Robin provided has also been a useful reference library.” March 10, 2010

Regional Sales Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

“Robin provided coaching for one of my managers and helped him come to terms with the demands of his position. The manager's performance improved considerably as a result of this training.” March 8, 2010

Managing Director, Sloane Helicopters 

“Having someone as knowledgeable and as entertaining as Robin proved to be invaluable. He is so focused on the bottom line and he is perfect for bouncing vital partnership decisions off.” March 3, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, good value, high integrity

Partner, Lyndales Solicitors,
hired Robin as a business performance coach

“Robin is a highly experienced businessman and executive coach. He engages with clients, pushes them hard and enables them to make significant performance improvements.” October 20, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, expert, high integrity

, Director, Morgan Clarke Consulting, 
hired Robin more than once

“I have great pleasure in endorsing Robin Johnson. Establishing trust, intimacy and rapport are all essential attributes for a great coach. Robin possesses them all in abundance. Knowing how to get the best out of me and help me reach my full potential was Robin's forte.” August 26, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, on time, high integrity

Engineering Services Manager, National Grid, 
hired Robin as a Business Performance Coach in 2009

“Robin is a gifted individual who provided me with time, guidance and support that inspired me to reconsider my options in life. This resulted in a change of direction which I would not have achieved without Robin's expert support. I would recommend Robin as an Executive Coach as I have complete confidence in his style and approach.”

Top qualities: High integrity

Head of Communications, National Grid,
hired Robin as a business performance coach

“As a successful business entrepreneur, Robin has great credibility with Directors and senior managers as a consultant, mentor or coach. Client feedback is exceptional and I would recommend him without reservation.” July 29, 2009

Head of Leadership & Sales, Morgan Clarke Consulting, 
worked directly with Robin at Morgan Clarke

“I have known and worked with Robin for a number of years now and also hired him as an Executive Coach for Morgan Clarke working with top business leaders in multinational and global companies. Robin's work as a coach is excellent and he consistently achieves great results with very positive feedback from our clients. I have no hesitation recommending Robin to you as a Business Coach.” July 21, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, personable, expert

Head of Coaching, Morgan Clarke Consulting,
hired Robin more than once

“I cannot think how the coaching could have been improved. It surprised and exceeded all my expectations”

General Manager, March 5, 2010

“You grasped what I wanted to get out of the sessions from the start which meant our time together remained focused and we were able to cover a wide variety of relevant topics”

Partner, Top 20 accountancy firm, July 2009

“Robin’s ability to work with people to improve their performance in such vital areas as business development, managing colleagues and removing any barriers to success is now well proven. In short - he really delivers."

Managing Partner, Allander Noble

OvationXL coaching raises management capability. We understand there is a gap between having technical expertise and leading a team. At the most senior level, extra skills are needed. So when some of our high calibre experts were promoted to partnership roles, we needed a high calibre coach.”

Tuffin Ferraby Taylor

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