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Using Google Business Pages from Online Ownership

By: Online Ownership  25/03/2015
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Google Business Pages provides a myriad of social engagement opportunities for business owners looking to promote a branded page or local business page. Connecting and networking with others in your industry is a quick way to gain clout and the ability to have an impact in any field or line of work. Sharing your promotional material, posts and news has never been easier with Google Plus’ easy to use interface, regardless of how new you are to utilizing social media within your own marketing practices. Networking and adding others to various circles you have created with Google Plus is an ideal way to get started when trying to build a professional image for yourself online. Take the time to connect with co-workers and other business associates you have worked with in the past to build a reputation and a following from other business owners and entrepreneurs. Putting Google Plus’ circles to use effectively is also necessary for a successful growth in any business involved in social media marketing, or SMM today. Create different categories for circles using Google Plus to manage contacts with ease and without having to scroll and dig through thousands of users to find a potential partner or investor. Categorizing all of your Google Plus connections is an ideal way to ensure you are able to provide content to consumers while also maintaining access to other industry professionals who may be of benefit to you in the future and down the line. One of the major benefits of using Google Plus for Businesses is the built-in SEO, or search engine optimisation. Built-in SEO is ideal when you want to ensure your posts and material are being promoted as much as possible throughout your entire network of friends, family members and business associates. Google Business Pages ensures your posts are read by your “circles” within the system while also helping to target those who are likely to be most interested in the links and reads you share. Additionally, the built-in SEO Google Plus has to offer is not only useful within the network itself, but also transfers over to the actual Google search. Using Google Plus frequently is a great way to build and increase brand authority when attempting to grow a new business or brand in any market you desire. Implementing proper keywords, tags and hashtags within the posts you share using Google Plus is one of the best methods to ensure your posts are reaching your target market, demographic and the users within your circles in addition to those using Google’s traditional search engine. The more frequently and consistently you post about relevant subjects and topics pertaining to your business the easier it becomes to find your website’s official URL within search results when browsing for similar content and phrases.

Keywords: Google Business Pages

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