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By: Name Badge Company  17/08/2016
Keywords: Staff Name Badges

Staff badges can run the gamut from the janitor to the executive vice president regardless of the size of the company or the revenue it generates. Staff badges do not discriminate. The design or the size and shape of the name badges do not denote the role of the employee. They merely help one in identification and to instil confidence. Therefore, the staff badges are uniformly designed through the company and across the board. The staff badges carry the name of the company as well as the name of the staff in all their glory! There is an equal sense of importance given to every member of the work force within a company. The Name Badge Company provides equally excellent service regardless of the size of the client or its standing in the global market. To The Name Badge Company, every client is a highly valued customer and we present our best effort in every aspect of the work we do. Staff badges serve a larger purpose in the mind of the employee. These staff badges add value to the hardworking staff that puts in time and labour for the company’s success.

Keywords: Staff Name Badges

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Work Name Badges

The Name Badge Company stands for excellence in design and customer service and we never falter in our purpose. We offer the lowest of prices in UK and the highest in quality with our uniquely designed and well-crafted name badges.

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Security ID Name Badges

Therefore, wearing the security id name badges will be the best way to project the name of the security company. The Name Badge Company has designed security id name badges with the best of material as always never losing sight of what is important.


Employee Name Badges

The great need to establish the pecking order is also served through employee name badges and point person as well as the escalation point is clearly achieved through the name badges. The design team of The Name Badge Company plays a part in the hierarchy of the establishment and we take this part seriously. Our attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of our success.

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School and Teacher Name Badges

At larger schools, well-designed and clear name badges could be equally important for inter-departmental recognition. School & Teacher Name Badges tend to get a lot of use; especially among the younger children. It is likely that these teachers will experience grabbing or handling even as the little ones try to trace the name. Therefore, the need of the hour is to create a lasting name badge that can endure through the year, at a minimum.

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Corporate Name Badges

These corporate name badges also project professionalism and accessibility with flair. Every design that comes out of our workshop is crafted after hours of in-depth study of the Corporation so that the clear message of all that the Corporation stands for comes across succinctly and yet, boldly. After all, the staffs wearing our name badges are going to find their own sense of identity only through them