Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

Electropolishing of Stainless Steel from Poligrat(UK) Ltd

By: Poligrat(UK) Ltd  27/10/2009
Keywords: Electropolishing Of Stainless Steel

The surface finish of a metal component will determine its appearance, function and service life.

Electropolishing significantly improves the crucial metallic surface properties. An ultra high quality surface finish is obtained by a simple and cost effective operation.

Electropolishing is, in principle a reversal of the electroplating process. Metal is removed by applying a dc current to the anodically connected work piece submerged in a special acid electrolyte. Removal takes place without inducing stress and preferentially affects the surface micro-roughness. The surface becomes smooth and bright, with burrs, edges and corners being removed preferentially.

The results can be repeated with a high degree of precision so that components with tight tolerances can also be treated in safety.

Keywords: Electropolishing Of Stainless Steel