Buildabot 3d Printer Kit

Buildabot 3d Printer Kit from

By:  04/11/2012
Keywords: design, ALUMINIUM, printer - Home of the fantastic Buildabot 3d Printer!
3d Printing is the hottest craze about, and doesn't look set to disappear!
Imagine having the power to create objects that you have imagined!

The Buildabot Revolution 3d Printer allows you to realise your dreams and create tangible objects!

Much easier to build than a Reprap! (we also supply a ready made machine if you dont want to diy!)

Buildabot - Think, Design & Create!

Keywords: ALUMINIUM, Buildabot, design, hot end, Makerbot, nozzle, pololu, printer, stepper motors,

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Buildabot 3d Printer - Built

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