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By: Ye Olde Pie & Sausage Shoppe  05/01/2011
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(as available)                                                                                       Per lb         Per kg

The Lincolnshire – Strong herby flavour                                          £3.29           £7.36

  Finest coarse cut free range pork highly seasoned

  with herbs – predominantly sage, salt and pepper.

The Shambles Sausage – Our bestseller                                            £3.29           £7.36

  Formerly Yorkshire Farmhouse – a  classic, no nonsense, 

  traditional Yorkshire Pork sausage

Classic Pork – Plain and simple                                                          £3.29           £7.36

  The traditional favourite – a lightly seasoned free

  range pork  sausage – ideal for breakfast.

Classic Tomato – An old favourite                                                     £3.79           £8.49

  A classic tomato flavour sausage –

  children love ‘em!

Traditional Beef – Sausages like they used to be                            £3.99           £8.94

  Finest cuts of beef, flavoured with seasoning and fine

  herbs – making something of a comeback.   

The Cumberland  – Old English Favourite!                                      £3.79           £8.49

  Just pork & seasoning, bound with egg -     

  traditionally served in a coil

The Chilli Dog – Sausages that bite back!                                         £3.79            £8.49

  Finest pork flavoured with chilli powder and

  fresh red chillies.  Not for the faint hearted!

Scrumptious Scrumpies – The fruity one!                                         £3.79           £8.49 

Quality pork with cider and apple sauce for a

  meaty and fruity flavour – great with joints of Pork

Pork with Chives – Subtly savoury                                                    £3.79            £8.49

  Quality cuts of seasoned pork studded with

  chopped chives

Lamb & Mint – A classic flavour combination                                £3.79            £8.49

   Quality lamb blended with mint  makes for a tasty

   alternative to traditional pork

Pork & Black PuddingA Regional Favourite                               £3.79            £8.49

   A traditional North Eastern  pork sausage

   studded with quality black pudding

Mediterranean Special – A taste of sunshine                   £3.99            £8.94

   Fine cuts of pork blended with garlic, sun dried

   tomato, herbs and seasonings   

Pork, Onion & Sage – Big on flavour                                                £3.79            £8.49

   An old favourite, reminiscent of the Westmorland

   sausage -  intensely herby

The York Sausage – The Boozy Banger!                                            £3.79            £8.49

   Pork & Ale!  Made with “Centurion’s Ghost” beer

   from ’s very own brewery.                                            

ToulouseOoh-la-la!                                                                             £3.99           £8.94 

   Award winning French style pork sausage

   with garlic,  parsley and fennel seeds

Cheese & OnionWeird, but wonderful!                                         £3.79           £8.49

   Mature cheddar and onion – we don’t know why

   this works, but it does! 

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