Words To Fitt - CGA Client of the Month

Words To Fitt - CGA Client of the Month from Words To Fitt

By: Words To Fitt  21/08/2009
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CGA Client of the month article – September 2009

This month we’d like to introduce you to not just one of our clients but also a key player in CGA’s communications: copywriter Jacky Fitt - owner of Words to Fitt and co-director of communication specialists the Big Ideas Collective.

“Ask me to sit down and describe myself and I’ll probably sit there twiddling my hair and abstractly staring into the middle distance.  Ask me to describe someone else and… stand back, here I come…  I love what I do because I love people, things and places; what makes something special, why someone is passionate about their service and developing that into compelling copy to attract and inspire. I also love semi-colons (lightly sprinkled on toast).

Being very close to what you produce or the service you provide can often make it very tough to promote yourself and your business well.  Be it a project, a product or a reputation, while describing it you must also engage and enthuse your audience. You should be asking yourself: ‘If I was a customer, what would I want to know?  What would be in it for me?  Would I actually understand what I’m reading?’  Working alongside professional colleagues and individually with clients my work takes me from loft insulation to business law, apprenticeship training, health care policy and idyllic pool side villas - it’s all in the turn of a phrase. 

My background is in theatre, film and TV where I began working as a designer and assistant director and it’s this visual and creative flair that continues to serve me well through the Internet’s highly visual age, together with fast emerging social media tools including blogs, twitters and e marketing.  Pictures can say more than a thousand words but without good copy that conveys your knowledge, experience and commitment, your potential for capturing your clients’ attention, never mind their business, is seriously diminished.

Deciding to leave ITV in 2004 I set up Words to Fitt to work with an expanding portfolio of local and national clients to help them get their message across through printed and web based material.  More recently I co founded the Big Ideas Collective whose role is to look at all aspects of a business or organisation’s creative communication toolkit and work to improve their profile and bottom line.  And that is what it’s all about: improving that bottom line, something that I and CGA are keenly interested in.

Currently working with CGA to help develop their written communication I have gained a real understanding of their ethos; their commitment to grow their clients’ businesses, their environmental care and the energy the team expends on personal service.  When I needed accountancy advice I knew exactly where to turn (I may be good with words but I’m less than splendid on the figure front).  So, while I work to make sense of the world with words I know CGA has got my best interests at heart, making effortless sense of my numbers.”

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