Staff pulling sickies? Deal with it!

By: Mitrefinch Limited  25/01/2011
Keywords: workforce management, Attendance, time and attendance software


While National ‘Sickie’ Day is knocking at the door, it’s the right time to think how to prevent this highly unwanted type of employees’ absence!

What could you do to lower the number of staff who ‘pull a sickie’?

Understand the reasons!

Staff pull ‘sickies’, not just because they are taking advantage and want an extra day off.

Recent studies show that amongst the reasons why people pretend sickness are:

-          unhappiness/stress in the workplace

-          the need to look after a family member

-          letting repairmen into their home

-          grieving a dead relative

-          feeling down after having breaking up with a partner

Understanding the reasons why people pretend to be sick can help you in motivating them to speak openly about these issues and assist in building trust between you and your employees.

Have a closer look at a bigger picture!

Unplanned absence has a strong impact on a business productivity and team morale. However, the tendency is to treat it as an isolated issue affecting a specific individual rather than looking at a broader picture. Not taking an action when one person ‘throws a sickie’ may cause a snowball effect and motivate others to do the same!

Be more flexible about working hours!

56% of respondents from a recent research involving 7,200 employees from 10 European Countries including UK said that they would not feign illness, if they could have access to a more flexible working hours scheme or to “social days”.

Work on Employee Engagement!

Engagement means that staff are committed to your organisation and they are aligned. 

In other words, they care about their work and they know how they fit with the wider organisation.  So what can you do to engage your staff?

-          Conduct regular conversations:  organise appraisals and regular update meetings which can be the perfect opportunity to discover what makes your staff tick 

-          Regular meetings could help you to understand employees motives, needs and aspirations

-          Clearly specify their responsibilities:  make sure your staff know what is expected from them, have details about their responsibilities and job description

And remember : Your staff have the same motivation needs just like you do!

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