Earliest snow in 17 years disrupts British workers

By: Mitrefinch Limited  26/11/2010
Keywords: workforce management, time and attendance

Winter has surprised Britons again by coming early this year, with the Met Office having to issue severe weather warnings for snow throughout Scotland and North-East England yesterday. Drivers and public transport users were particularly affected. The AA reported a 26% rise in call outs as roads became hazardous and trains were also significantly delayed in some parts of the country.

The further news coming from Met Office isn’t optimistic at all. The weather situation will deteriorate, forcing us to get used to heavy snow and low temperatures as these are likely to continue for the next three weeks. While snowy conditions might put a smile on many children’s faces, businesses owners will undoubtedly not appreciate the worsening weather.

It is at such time as these, with workers stuck at home, that mobile clocking becomes a real asset for employers. A state of the art time allocation system allows employees to record not only when they have started and finished work, but also what they have been working on. The option to record work remotely in this way ensures that communication between employees and their offices is maintained throughout the oncoming heavy weather.

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Keywords: time and attendance, workforce management