Bell & Ross IPhone!!

By: Idbarn  01/06/2011
Keywords: Creative Design, design consultants, design consultancy

The IPhone design seems to be unstoppable with all the other phone manufacturers copying the archetype. Well if you can’t beat them join them. If Bell & Ross were to turn their hand away from watch making and into phones is this what it would look like? Aiming at the high end market and the high price tag the watches carry, who know how many thousands this may run into. The ‘Arkanoid’ style bezel on the front and tactile physical switches allow for use when wearing gloves in an outdoor environment. With flat tangle free head phone similar to those recently made popular by ‘Beats’ and in-ear phones these should be able to cut it in the harshest scenarios. The front and rear casings are brushed titanium which gives this the look of the classic watch. With a 10 mega pixel camera, multi network capability and all the grunt of the IPhone 4 this is a navigation and expedition must for any gent. Aimed at the rugged tech market a luxury leather case and mobile dock will follow shortly to baluster the phones impact. It’s not leap away from the phone we love so much but I think that it’s welcome alternative with all the prestige.

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