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By: Detectamet Detectable Products  18/09/2010
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Detectamet can manufacture a complete range of precision metal detector test pieces. Each TESTICK is colour coded for simple visual verification and fitted with a calibrated and certified bearing to ISO9002 and UKAS Calibration.

With our experience of producing high quality test pieces for metal detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries we've found it increasingly beneficial to our clients to make information easily available for quality assurance purposes. All Test Pieces are supplied with a full certificate of conformity which we will keep a record of for you for 3 years.

Each Test Piece has a number etched onto its side which relates back to the Certificate of Conformity supplied by the bearing manufacturer. When our Testpieces are purchased from Detectamet our name will also be etched onto the Test Piece - allowing you or any member of staff to trace it back to us.

We can also etch extra numbers on to the Test pieces if required - to allow for individual identification purposes such as shift workers or issue numbers etc.

This ease of access coupled with a high quality
manufacturing process, simple visible detection and colour coded verification makes Detectamet Test pieces a very cost effective way of managing the important aspects of safety through quality control..

Manufactured from a variety of plastic materials including Clear Plastic, Nylon & Polyethylene, Detectamet Test Pieces / Sticks offer the following:

-  Calibrated & Certified bearings to BS EN ISO 9002 and

    UKAS Calibration.

-  Colour coding system for simple visual verification
-  Certification No. Detailed on every piece.
-  Traceability and printable certification
-  Quality controlled ball bearings to ensure consistency
-  Repeatable high quality products
-  Cost effective solution

**New** Test Pieces for Metal Detectors

-  Standard - High Visibility

-  Specials

-  Combinations

-  Service Kits

-  Pharmaceutical

-  X-Ray

-  Special Projects

Used In Industry

-  Metal Detector Manufacturer

-  Metal Detector Service Industry

-  Food Processing & Food Safety

-  Pharmaceutical

-  Clothing/Garment Inspection

-  Footwear manufacturer

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