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By: Detectamet Detectable Products  17/09/2010
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 Within the food and pharmaceutical industries there is an ever-present risk of contamination that, if undetected, can result in damage to equipment, costs incurred through product recalls, harm to the company's reputation and, in the worst case, serious injury to somebody inadvertently consuming the contaminant. A relatively straightforward measure that can be taken is to use only metal implements - such as spatulas, scoops and scrapers - and install an inline metal detection system that can detect any metallic contamination of the product and automatically reject it. However, there are drawbacks with this approach. For instance, metal implements are costly, especially if manufactured from stainless steel, they can be heavy, and the geometries that can be created at a reasonable cost are somewhat limited. In some cases, therefore, plastic implements are used, with the polymer grade selected so as to minimise the chance of breakage. Nevertheless, using plastic implements carries with it a risk that small fragments could contaminate the product and remain undetected. EU hygiene legislation which took effect on 1 January 2006, with the primary objective being to optimise public health protection by improving and modernising the existing EU legislation. The new legislation maintains, and sets out more clearly, the duty of food business operators to produce food safely. This is a requirement that is contained in current legislation and is underpinned in general food law. Requirements for food business operators are laid down in the new EU Regulation 852/2004.

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