Time is money - and an important investment

Time is money - and an important investment from Big Ideas Collective

By: Big Ideas Collective  27/07/2010
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Here at Big Ideas Collective, when we put a creative communications team together for a project we look at a range of considerations to help ensure that our team will be as effective as possible:

1 First and foremost, the skills must compliment the needs of the brief.

2 Everyone must get on and have respect for each others skills.

3 The skills must compliment each other and support the aim of the brief.

4 Each member must be prepared to participate fully in the process.

5 Each member must be willing to have their ideas challenged and embellished without feeling threatened.

Part of the creative process is the positive reinforcement of each of the members' contribution. Negativity has no place in a creative meeting - it is the biggest block to developing truly creative communications and solutions.

Positive reinforcement combined with loyalty and empowerment, in terms of the value of individuals' thoughts, builds strong teams that lead to fascinating developments. These strands underpin every team we put together at the Big Ideas Collective. The time taken to construct our project teams carefully is key, combined with the understanding of the individual participants and the breadth of skills they offer.

Once a project is running the time needed for creativity to blossom and ideas to be developed into creative communications is vital, not only in terms of delivery, but also in terms of testing their strength. Similarly, we like our clients to take a little consideration time at various stages of the project to ensure the appropriate longevity of the solutions we offer. We then like to spend time on feedback and how we can improve our services and processes - taking the time to get it right for you.

In this seemingly frantic world of business time is a valuable commodity and one of the most powerful investments we can make.

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