Packaging design... Creative communication and selling the story

Packaging design...  Creative communication and selling the story from Big Ideas Collective

By: Big Ideas Collective  01/07/2010
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In today's competitive market it's not enough to simply have a recognised brand: a great illustration, a powerful unique selling point or a low price. Today's consumers are far savvier than ever before and they want to know more about the story behind the product or brand, its provenance and ethics.

When it comes to packaging design, there's no one design that fits all. Every product and its key consumers have different needs and wants, so, as a packaging designer I must be flexible, open minded and able to see things though consumers’ eyes.

My job is to communicate this story be it verbally, visually, symbolically or structurally. A good example of visual and verbal story telling can be found in Sainsbury's 'Taste the Difference’ range or Walkers 'Sensations' crisps. Through the use of appetising visual imagery and clever use of verbal brand names they both tell the story of a product from its natural beginnings to its tempting delicious outcome. Sainsbury's 'Be Good To Yourself’ takes this idea one step further by expanding its story, informing the consumer it has 5% less fat or has extra vitamins and minerals, thus giving it an extra point of difference.

        … consumers expect to be informed and therefore make an informed choice.

Strong contenders in today's market for symbolic story telling can also be found in the use of Fair Trade or animal welfare endorsements and logos. Be it food, clothing or white goods, consumers expect to be informed and therefore make an informed choice.

Regarding structural story telling, consumer trends are slowly moving away from the over packaged product especially in the food and clothing sectors. People are becoming more environmentally aware and research shows that when it comes to packaging the consumer mind set appreciates a ‘less is more’ approach. This in turn is bringing about new and exciting challenges for us and our clients.

Always working on smarter and more efficient ways to package and present goods, helping our clients achieve more for less, fully conscious of resources and consumer expectations, every challenge is an opportunity for innovation and we love a challenge!

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