Just because you can... it doesn't mean you should

Just because you can... it doesn't mean you should from Big Ideas Collective

By: Big Ideas Collective  14/10/2009
Keywords: marketing, advertising, Graphic Design


The power of the computers we use today has brought the ability to use design software to many users. The ability to have the software on your PC does not however make the user a designer.

The PC is only a smarter form of the pencil. It is the person on the end of it who has the ideas and the knowledge. Designers spend many years training and honing their creativity and communication skills.

It is important when presenting your business for that all important first impression that you look as professional as possible. The Design Council has conducted research which shows the business benefits of involving designers as a fully integrated part of you business. The earlier the designers are involved in the communication strategy decisions the more effective that strategy becomes.

In the times of world recession every company needs to spend its money wisely. Make sure your communications strategy is being handled by an expert. It is just important as making sure your tax is handled by a qualified accountant.

What is the use of a message that is ignored or never heard?

Ned Hoste, Director, Designer

“Over 15% of businesses overall see design as crucial  to business success compared to 47% of rapidly growing businesses.”

“Every £100 design-led business invest in design repays £225 in increased sales.”

“Share process of design-led companies out-performed key FTSE indices by 200% over ten years.”


Keywords: advertising, corporate identity, Graphic Design, ideas, Logos, marketing