Design - skin deep or so much more?

By: Big Ideas Collective  10/01/2011
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Business management guru and best selling author Tom Peters said:

"Design - it’s a word with wide interpretations...  To most people it's the gloss over, icing on the cake, the pretty bit afterwards, but it's so much more than that, it's a the core of an idea, an evolution of thoughts, problems and solutions."

It set me thinking... Just look at nature and how everything is meticulously designed to work, thrive and survive, or else it becomes extinct.  Good design and in fact good branding are exactly the same; without strong design to start with the product or service is going to fall at the first hurdle translating into no sales, no customer loyalty,  no profit, no brand.

When we’re thinking about design and branding we must remember the fundamental issues of how it will embed itself into people’s thoughts and habits.  It has to be personal and memorable; have integrity so that it matters to the employee, the suppliers and the customers; tell a great story, stand out in a crowded market place and essentially connect with people.

As a consumer I have to admit I've bought the same cat food since around 1990 when Felix cat food was redesigned.  At the time the design was so different, so strong, appealing and fresh with its black and white cat I was immediately drawn to it, understood it and believed in it...  I always wish I was the one who designed it!

BIG’s creatively driven approach means we like to get under the skin of all the products, services and organisations we work with; always looking to build in great design.  Helping to solve, connect and deliver, we hope Tom would be proud.


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