Creative communication - fluff or flare?

Creative communication - fluff or flare? from Big Ideas Collective

By: Big Ideas Collective  15/06/2010
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When you sit down and tell someone your opinion over a pint in the pub you are communicating; just as you are when you complain to a shop assistant, tick a box on a form, answer an online survey or enter a prize draw.  Every minute of the day we are communicating with our body language, the spoken and written word, while being persuaded, informed and often alarmed by others. 

Businesses too, are communicating through every pore of their being and just how they go about this with customers, staff and stakeholders is (or certainly should be) a big deal in the plan for long-term sustainability and profit.  So, joining all the dots of what, why and how a business communicates is very important; doing it better than anyone else is the goal – enter the ‘creative’ bit.

Describing how the Big Ideas Collective approaches our role with you, creative communication means we don’t just ‘think outside the box’, oh no, we’ll pick it up, shake it, hold it upside down, squash it flat and probably make a hat with it before we’re anywhere near satisfied that an approach is good or strong enough for you. 

Creative communication for us is about making sense of all the communication tools at your disposal and finding the right mix.  It’s about offering you new ideas, strategies and food for thought; ultimately, it’s about telling everyone you want to talk to what you do and why you’re so flippin’ good at it in a way they’ll remember.

Don’t simply settle for communicating your message, get creative and get ahead of the game.

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