By: Alternative Occasions  11/01/2013
Keywords: portrait photographer, Family Portraits, family photography

Almost all of my photographs are about people - whether they're performing on stage, enjoying a family celebration, getting married or just being themselves... I'm a people watcher because I've always be fascinated by the way we're all different from each other and yet we'll never really know what it is like to experience being someone else. Often, I'm watching for the moment when the spark of an individual spirit flashes into view. In the course of a wedding this is often happening spontaneously in response to events, whilst during a portrait session I'm looking to coax or stimulate that spark whilst observing something about who you are and about the life that you are living. This often happens most easily in an place that is important to you. Studio's are invariably boring environments, so we will spend time somewhere that is either familiar to you or one that you have chosen as being significant. We'll use the natural light that is available whenever possible – gently adding when necessary - so that it looks natural, whether it's quiet and contemplative or light and spontaneous. We could be in your office, out on the beach or at work in the gym: it's a co-production and your participation shapes the final result.

Keywords: family photography, family portrait photographer, Family Portraits, portrait photographer

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