By: A.P.M Driveway & patios  12/11/2009
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   With this decorative concrete system transforms plain concrete into stone, slate, cobbles and even brick a virtually limitless variety of styles and colours   Pattern imprinted concrete uses a newly formulated high strength, fibre entrained mix design that gives along lasting beautiful stable surface. Unlike tarmac, Block paving or Gravel it will not sink or spread and will not harbour weeds. Wherever you can pour concrete you can imprint on it. It is by far the most superior paving system on the market and with minimal maintenance will last a lifetime   ·         WEED FREE ·         PERMANENT, RAPID INSTALLATION ·         ADDS VALUE TO ANY PROPERTY ·         INDIVIDUAL DESIGN ·         OIL AND STAIN RESISTANT ·         VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE     PROCESS OF INSTALLATION .STEP 1 Excavation, all of our driveways will be machine excavated were possible, By qualified machine driver to a minimum of eight inches in depth.STEP 2 Sub base preperation, once the site is excavated to the correct depth,hardcore MOT 1 will be brought to the site and spread evenly to form all the correct levels ensuring enough fall in all the right directions so the site wll have no drainage problems, this will then be compacted to make a solid sub base.STEP 3 We then put the shuttering in place to form the shape of the area to be concreted ,we then check with the customer at this stage of works to make sure they are satisfied with the shape.STEP 4 We then pour the concrete to a minimum depth of 4 inches( 100mm)Again making sure that the levals are correct and fall to eliminate any drainage problemsSTEP 5 Once the concrete is levelled we add the colour surface hardner, into the concrete surface usually by hand to ensure even distribution. Using the colour surface hardner increases the tensile strength of the surface.Step 6 Printing, this is achieved by using rubber printing mats in conjunction with a releasing agent which is also a secondary colour. Step 7. Washing and cutting, Once the concrete has enough time to cure(go hard) its time to cut control joints into the concrete at its stress points this is to greatly reduce any cracking due to any movement. These cuts are strategically done so that they are barely noticeable We then wash the release agent off using a power wash to reveal the true colour of the Driveway. Step 8. Once the Driveway has been thoroughly washed and is completely dry it is time to seal it. This is done using an acrylic sealant it is non-yellowing.  

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