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By: WTE Ltd. Sewage Treatment Plants  18/05/2009
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The Waste Tech septic tank or cesspit is the traditional 2 stage septic tank design. Our Septic tanks are not the 'onion' type.  They are manufactured with two chambers - the same design as the old brick/block septic tank - offering primary settlement of wastewater and sewage and then allowing further settlement in the septic tank before discharge of treated material to a soakaway. 

These 2 stage septic tanks, although more expensive to manufacture, give much better effluent quality than 'onion' types for the following reasons :-  

There is a much greater distance between the inlet and the outlet, preventing untreated effluent from 'taking a short-cut' across the septic tank.
There is much greater wastewater/air interface in the septic tank, ensuring at least some aerobic digestion and reducing the BOD of the final septic tank effluent.  This means that the effluent is less septic and polluting.

There is a much greater base area for settlement.

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Keywords: Cesspit, septic tank, septic tanks

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