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By: Pro-am Sports Injury Clinic  28/11/2012
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General or Recovery massage Is aimed at assisting the body in recovering, relaxing, and decreasing stress and muscle tension. This type of therapy is often used for athletes who are looking to recover following competition or intense bouts of training or need to “fine tune” their muscle tone prior to competition. For the general public this type of massage is designed to help with decreasing stress and muscle tension brought on by the rigors of everyday life. What is included in this type of Sports massage? An assessment is still performed to provide focus and ensure that the treatment session is guided in some way so that you can get the most out of the work. However, the therapy is considered “general” because it is not aimed at dealing with a specific issue such as pain or injury but rather looks to address multiple soft tissue structures throughout the 40-60 minute session. Sessions are booked as "one area" 40 mins £25, "two areas" 50 mins £30 or "full body" 60 mins £35. You can book an hours slot for one area which many do for the back at a charge of £30. Any problems found will be quickly assessed and corrective exercises given to help prevent injury from occuring. Specific or Treatment Based Massage Is aimed solely at improving or resolving a specific issue. This may include injury, pain, dysfunctional movement patterns, postural issues, or improvements in specific ranges of motion that may be needed to help enhance sports performance or get you back into work. This therapy session is highly focused and is usually booked as follow-up sessions (£25 each) after an injury consultation. If you have a diagnosis from a doctor or other therapist who recommends soft tissue therapy then Pro-Am will book you in for a specific treatment with a quick assessment to confirm diagnosis and so treatment can be specific to your needs (£30 for first session £25 for follow-ups if required). Aside from just working on the soft tissue, this sort of massage therapy session also incorporates corrective exercise to help get you moving again and prevent reoccurence.

Keywords: sport massage

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