Laser Cutting and Engraving

By: Makersmith  15/06/2015
Keywords: laser cutting, laser marking, laser etching

Make precisely what you need! Laser cut and engrave your parts, shapes and ideas with makersmith laser services. -You can be more creative with your ideas, we can cut and engrave any shape, allowing you to do far more than you thought possible. -Grow your business; our capacity to laser cut and engrave most materials will give you the ability to do more for more people. -Get ahead of your competition; we make it easy for you to access the latest technology and equipment so that you can be the best. -It's easy for you to do new things -we can help you and give you advice and design support to get things made. Contact us now to do more with laser cutting and engraving... Powerful processes You can use our in-house laser cutting equipment to process non-metallic sheet materials. That gives you a huge choice including: laser cut textiles, from silk to felt, some textiles can also be etched cut paper card, including stencil card leather plastics of all sorts including foams, composites & signmaking materials laser cut wood, including solid wood and veneers wood composites such as plywood and MDF organic materials including food products some materials will be too thick to cut, but a good indicator of capacity is that we can cut up to 12mm thick plywood. You can also get other materials engraved –i.e. surface marked, but not cut: ceramics stone slate metals glass For more detailed information on materials and what happens when they are laser cut have a look at our materials pages on our website. Products and shapes You can get your components cut out from flat sheet materials but did you know that we can also cut and engrave the surface of other objects too? For example you can get your design or graphics engraved onto: bottles glasses cups and mugs tools laptops & mobile devices thanks to our rotary laser etching facility. Almost any surface can be engraved providing it is truly circular or reasonably flat. Photographic Engraving Your photographs or graphics can be engraved onto almost any material to produce great visuals, brand identities or just for personalisation. Just send us files in a suitable format and we can do the rest. We can accept most data formats for graphics and 2D & 3D drawing information. Your One Stop Shop You can use us to get cut, engraved and formed metals of all types which we process using our industrial partners. This simplifies things for you as we can provide you with a complete service for metals as well as non-metals. You can use design services for all types of products and materials including metals and non-metals Big capacity You can think big with our 900mm x 1250mm standard process area for in-house non-metallic cutting. We can also process larger sheets of up to 1250mm wide and any length if required. Your thicker non-metals materials can be cut easily and we can engrave deeper with our powerful 120W laser. The size of metal components and products is usually limited by available material sheet sizes. These are usually at least 1220mm x 2440mm though larger sizes are possible. What else can we do for you? If you need to talk about your laser cutting or engraving requirements we can help you. Just give us a call or email now and we can talk things over.

Keywords: Laser Art, laser cutting, laser etching, laser marking

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