CNC Routing

By: Makersmith  15/06/2015
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Your timber and plastic parts made easily... You can do so much more with new ways of producing precision components in sheet timber and plastic with makersmith CNC routing. -You can achieve shapes, designs and parts that are impossible to make with manual tools and processes allowing you to offer really creative services. -You can make batch quantities of parts that all match exactly allowing you to do more work easily and build your business. -You get access to technology without the need to invest, making your business more profitable and flexible -Whatever your application, whoever you are, it's easy for you to access this service – we can help you get started and give you advice and design support to get things made. Contact us now to do more with CNC routing... Productive Processes You can use CNC routing to produce components from timber or plastic sheet or sections. The process uses shaped cutters to remove material from the surface or to cut out profiles and shapes. Your parts can be quickly and accurately made and easily reproduced if you need more. You gain productivity, flexibility and accuracy . You can use a wide range of materials. Engraving Your parts produced by our CNC router are not only simple cut-out profiles, you can also engrave surface detail into your parts. This can, for example, take the form of: -stepped edges -pockets and rebates -clearance holes for bolts and screws -pilot holes for screws -rebates for hinges and locks -letters -complex surface detail This means you can make almost anything, from signs and plaques with engraved text to knock-down furniture that slots together. Speeding up assembly CNC routing allows you to completely re-think how timber and sheet plastic parts are made and assembled. This means that you can use new ways to join parts together that speed up assembly and make life easier, whether in your home, workshop, studio, or on site. You can get advice and design input on all aspects of assembly and detail design from us. Contact us now. Complex Shapes Your products can be almost any regular or complex shape cut from timber or plastic sheet or sections. But you can do more with our CNC router; we can process material up to 1300mm x2500mm and 200mm thick. That means it is possible for your products to not only be flat sheets but also three dimensional surfaces. Some examples of products that you could make with this facility are: -Vacuum moulding tooling -Reproduction architectural mouldings -Complex stair spindles -Patterns for casting We can help you create and realise three dimensional products using our 3D design services. What else can we do for you? If you need to talk about your CNC routing requirements we can help you. Just give us a call or email now and we can talk things over.

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