The Amateur's Answer. 3 x up to16" Hanging Basket liners only £4. So easy to use, so neat!

The Amateur's Answer. 3 x up to16" Hanging Basket liners  only £4. So easy to use, so neat! from Cooksview

By: Cooksview  13/10/2009
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    "THE AMATEUR'S ANSWER" Hanging Basket Lining System .
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Pack of 3 liners ONLY £4.00  IT'S SO NEAT !
Make your own wire framed or wrought iron baskets up to a professional standard at your first attempt. This is probably the neatest and easiest to use liner on the market. "THE AMATEUR'S ANSWER" comes in packs of three liners. Each liner will liner any basket up to sixteen inches in diameter. They will line normal round baskets, quarter-round baskets (for internal corners), half round baskets and hayracks (for flush wall mounting), three quarter-round baskets (for external corner mounting) and even square baskets. Each pack has it's own full colour, illustrated instruction sheet, giving the benefit of all the experience gained in twenty years of hanging basket making. There are sections in the instructions which deal with most of the various types of basket on the market and also advice on making winter baskets. This liner does an excellent job with baskets having widely spaced bars. An added bonus is that the wild birds can't steal your liner for their nesting material, as they do with Moss, Jute, Coco, Wool and even Supermoss liners.
Has been described by satisfied customers as "Brilliant" , "Fantastic to use", " I will never use anything else from now on" and by one Garden Centre Owner as having "The best set of instructions I have ever seen" another customer called them "idiotproof" which we took as quite a compliment as we set out to create a product which allowed an absolute novice to create a hanging basket to a professional standard at their first attempt.  
The idea for "THE AMATEUR'S ANSWER" was developed into the present product, on our nursery in North Yorkshire. They are manufactured here and add to the local rural economy. In recent years, we have be seen demonstrating them at the following Flower Shows,  Spalding Spring, Lincoln Ideal, Redbourne, Gateshead, Teesside, Harrogate,Knebworth, Chelsea, Detling, Peterborough, Sussex, Gardening Scotland, Stafford and Four Oaks in Cheshire. For 2008 we will have another busy programme. For advice on making up and caring for hanging baskets go to ;   or
                                                      Watch our video demonstration at;
                                                                                                               TO PURCHASE BY POST:   Pack of three liners         £4.25  inc.postage 
                                              3 packs of three liners      £11.20  inc.postage
                                              6 packs of three liners      £21.25 inc. postage 
Just send your cheque or postal order made out to;        J. NESBITT    and send it to;
Need something bigger We can now supply liners suitable to fit baskets or hayracks/mangers up to 36 inches   Call us on (0044) 01642 724741 for details.  
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We recently delivered our items (from date of order),  to Sydney, Au. 5 days, New York in 3 days, Houston, Texas 4 days, Netherlands 4 days, Albania 5 days, Croatia 4 days, Greek Islands; Crete 6 days, Switzerland 4 days, Germany 4 days,  France 4 days, Norway 4 days and Portugal 4 days.  

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