The Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing school.

By: Gaia Holistix  03/01/2011
Keywords: Healing School

The purpose of the Gaia-Now transformational healing school is to teach prospective healers how to heal in such a way that it allows them to consciously transform people's way of being and to transform the core underlying issues in a competent and responsible manner to create inner harmony in all levels of their existence. 

We facilitate Gaia-Now tuition, from the Foundation course which teaches prospective transformational healers the fundamentals of the Gaia-Now modality, through to the Practitioner's course which leads to a Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing practitioner's diploma. 

The Gaia-Now modality helps people to tap into their true creative potentiality, to actively engage with all levels of consciousness, to transform negative ways of being, thoughts and beliefs, into positive self empowered ones.

Whether you enrol in our classes as a prospective transformational healer who wishes to develop the necessary skills, understanding and competency to set up as a professional Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing practitioner, or just choose to learn for your own personal development, transformations and understanding, your Gaia-Now tuition will change your life and way of being. We are happy to teach you as much or as little as you choose to learn.

Keywords: Healing School