The Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing retreat centre.

The Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing retreat centre. from Gaia Holistix

By: Gaia Holistix  03/01/2011
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The Gaia-Now MBSC transformational healing retreat centre is run by Vivien and Paul and is based in a picturesque part of North Yorkshire.

Their specialised transformational healing retreats afford you the opportunity to remove yourself from your current environment and life choice. By replacing your current environment with one where you can receive MBSC (mind, body, spirit and consciousness) transformational healing, your way of being can be healed and brought back into harmony, allowing you to receive and internalise a fresh new positive perspective.

Vivien and Paul believe that it is important for you to receive a transformational healing retreat experience in a caring and nonjudgmental way which is tailored to your uniquely individual requirements. It is for this reason that they only offer healing retreats to one person at a time, so they can be solely focused on helping that person.

During your individual transformational healing retreat, Vivien and Paul will transform your unresolved experiences that have left inner conflicts at your core level, which over time have manifested as disharmony in one or more levels of your existence and give you the tools and understanding to move forward and heal you life.

Keywords: healing retreats