How to Identify an ISO Container

How to Identify an ISO Container from Cleveland Containers

By: Cleveland Containers  14/03/2014
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ISO containers have a special container identification system, which is a standard system that is composed of a special sequence of letters and numbers. Each letter and digit is a code for something, representing the owner, the product group, the serial number, checks digit, etc. If you are new in the shipping business it will do you good to know about all the elements of this standard container identification system or at least find a service that will help you authenticate your containers and get you all set-up for your shipments. Buy or rent from that pass ISO standards, whether you choose to buy or rent new or settle with used containers for your purposes. The following are the basic elements of ISO's standard container identification system:

  1. Owner Code – The owner code consists of three capital letters (the ones that appear at the start of the container ID), which identifies the owner of said container. An international agency issues this owner code to make sure that no single code is duplicated or assigned to more than one company/owner. For easier identification, many shipping companies and container leasing companies also advertise their brand's logo on the container.

  2. Product Group Code – The product group code appears after the 3-letter owner code. It consists of a capital letter (U, J, or Z) referring to a container, an equipment that can be attached to a container, or a trailer or chassis that is used to carry a container, respectively. This way, every piece of mobile intermodal equipment can easily be identified.

  3. Serial Number – The serial or registration number is a 6-digit sequence that identifies each container.

  4. Check Digit – The check digit is a single digit that is used to cross-reference or verify if the identification sequence is accurate. Traditionally, this digit is boxed so that it is not confused with the serial number and other digits in the container.

  5. Size and Type Code – The size and type code is a 4-letter or digit sequence that appears under the container ID sequence. Its main purpose is to provide information about the container's dimensions and type. This makes it easier to set-up logistics, especially for large containers and those that require intermodal transport.

In most cases, the operational characteristics of the container are also displayed, which may include its maximum gross weight, its payload, maximum cargo volume, etc.

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This article is written by Johnathan Bulmer, owner at , which specialize in offering shipping containers in UK. Cleveland Containers is one-stop shop for your entire container related need weather to buy or hire as per your storage requirement. They also give their buyer a facility of providing a special size container as per the demand and it can be delivered in next 7 working days.

Keywords: Buy shipping container

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